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Charcoal BBQ 450


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Take the Darche Stainless Steel Charcoal BBQ 450 where you need it – from the campsite to back yard and anywhere in between. The foldable design allows for simple set up and pack down, and the space saving construction means you’ll never hesitate to bring it along with you.

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    Take the Darche Stainless Steel Charcoal BBQ 450 where you need it – from the campsite to back yard and anywhere in between. The foldable design allows for simple set up and pack down, and the space saving construction means you’ll never hesitate to bring it along with you.

    By utilizing commonly available charcoal briquettes, you can stay safe in parks and camp sites when fire bans are on. The large stainless steel grill won’t allow food to drop through, and has two positions to allow for proper cooking temperature. BBQ 450 also has a protective base plate that keeps hot ashes off the ground, and makes clean-up easy.

    It’s even perfect as a heat source on cold nights, or as a wood burning fire pit. Constructed using quality stainless steel and suited to most commonly used BBQ heat sources, the BBQ 450 will perform for years to come.

    Tip: grab a Darche Charcoal BBQ Starter to get your next meal going quickly.

    Features & Specifications
    • Size: 17.5 x 17.5 x 17″
    • Grill area: 17.5 x 17.5″
    • Pack down: 22 x 22 x 3.5″
    • Weight: 25lbs
    • Grill: 304 stainless steel
    • Body: 201 stainless steel
    • Carry case included

    *Product configuration may vary from photos. Shown with optional extras, available separately. Please verify exact specifications and contents before purchase.

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    Shipping Weight 30 lbs
    Shipping Dimensions 22.5 × 23.5 × 3.5 in
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“We didn’t set out to change the world, or even the landscape of camping in Australia, we just needed some camping gear that suited our lifestyle, so we designed it ourselves… as it turns out – it suited the Australian lifestyle too!” – 

Darren O’Dwyer
Darche Founder and designer of the original dome swag.

Established in 1991, DARCHE® has become one of the best-known – and loved – Australian camping and outdoor adventure brands. Today DARCHE® enjoys an iconic Australian status in the camping and 4×4 touring market, but it was from humble beginnings that this brand was conceived.

Born of necessity – as many great things are – Darren O’Dwyer saw a hole in the Australian outdoor market. While he loved nothing more than hitting the road with an old fashioned rollout swag, he found his sleeping arrangements were not all that appealing to others, namely his wife, Cheryl.

While planning a road trip along the east coast, Cheryl declared there was no way she was sleeping in one of those things – the bugs will get in!

Avid campers, the O’Dwyers knew a thing or two about the conditions their swag design would have to endure on their adventure, so with help from his brother Dave, Darren set out to design a shelter that suited the rugged, Australian landscape… and the wildlife that inhabits it.

It had to be tough but comfortable, waterproof yet breathable, quick, practical and easy to stow. It had to provide a fully enclosed shelter with enough space around the skin to protect from bugs and mozzies, and it had to be completely zip sealed to keep the critters and creepy crawlies out – no easy task. Together, the O’Dwyer’s created a canvas shell with zippered doors and windows, and of course – a flexible fibreglass pole, designing Australia’s first dome swag. It was a talking point at many camping spots throughout their journey along the east coast, and remains an icon of the Australian camping scene today.

With a passion for outdoor adventure, It was a natural progression from the original dome swag to an impressive range of roof top tents and awnings. Superior canvas quality being the foundation of long lasting, rugged outdoor gear.

“It was about quality. We built them to last! And they did. 30 years on and we still see a few original DARCHE swags out in the wild – it’s a great feeling to know you’ve changed the way people camp today”

Three decades on and DARCHE® continues to lead the outdoor space with innovative designs, superior quality materials and commitment to our heritage. We offer a full range of products for serious tourers and campers alike. Still firmly committed to the swag market, our range extends to awnings and roof top tents, furniture, sleeping gear and a range of accessories to suit the 4×4 touring and camping environment, tried and tested by people who live and breathe everything outdoors.

To ensure that DARCHE® remains one of the most respected outdoor brands globally, we live by the philosophy of innovation and quality, refining and developing new materials, designs and technologies that will service the next generation of outdoor adventurers and protect the environment that they love to explore.

In 2013 DARCHE® introduced the Air-Volution™ range of swags and tents with patented technology that drastically reduces setup and packdown time without compromising on quality and comfort.

Today, DARCHE® is proudly owned by the Charles Parsons Group who bring over 100 years of textile experience, product development and strategy to compliment DARCHE®’s extensive outdoor expertise.