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We supply dealers across Canada – the item you are looking for may be in stock locally, saving you time and shipping expenses. Expert advisors are available at every dealer to help you decide on products for your vehicle, and in most cases, can provide professional installation services. We encourage our customers to visit the dealer closest to them to experience our products first hand.

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Lonavity specializes in creating custom van conversions, inviting you to embrace adventure, freedom and connectivity in the great outdoors. With custom conversions, installations, van rentals and online product sales, we transform your van into a personalized haven for exploration. Discover the thrill of the open road with Lonavity.


eXp Overland

Discover our extensive collection of overland trailers, available for both purchase and rental. Trust us to equip you for extraordinary adventures in Quebec's wild landscapes. Let's embark on an unforgettable journey together!

British Columbia

Adam's Off Road Shop

Adams Off Road Shop is a locally owned, independent, family owned business with a vision to provide a level of personal service and care that we have found is missing in our industry

Nova Scotia

Roam Wild Overland

Adventure, Explore, Roam. Always. Roam Wild is your source for off-road & overland gear in Nova Scotia

British Columbia

Overland Garage

Overland Garage is founded based on the vision to help bring the experience and expertise from Australia to the 4WD market in Canada


Sojourn Overland

Central Alberta based manufacturer of off-road oriented trailers and supplier of outdoors & camping equipment