Road Chef Big Bertha 12-Volt Travel Oven

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Famous in Australia for many years, the Road Chef Big Bertha 12-volt oven is a strong addition to any travel kitchen setup. Large enough to handle roasts and powerful enough to heat food quickly, this unique and useful appliance will greatly expand your culinary choices on the road or on the water, and installs in to just about any vehicle with ease

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    Famous for heating Aussie meat pies on the road and now finally available in Canada, Road Chef ovens are a convenient way to cook great tasting food. Perfect for 4x4s, boats, motorhomes, vans, long-haul trucks and recreational trailers alike, the performance offered by Road Chef ovens is unmatched. Whether you are a casual backcountry traveller or a dedicated van-lifer, a Road Chef oven will help you to Save Money, Save Time and Eat Well.

    Compared to the standard Road Chef oven, Big Bertha offers greatly increased cooking volume with more power available to speed up cooking time, while still maintaining a compact profile.

    Using the 12 volt system in your vehicle – either direct from your engine or through a dual battery system – the Big Bertha 12 volt oven can Bake, Roast or Re-heat your favourite foods. The oven will draw 240 Watts or around 20 amps when it is operating at full power. A selector allows you to use either the top, bottom, or both elements depending on your cooking requirements, with each element using 10 Amps. To help you manage your battery life there is a 120-minute timer dial on the front of the oven with a handy bell to let you know when your food is ready.

    From slow cooking a stew over 4 or 5 hours to cooking a pie with crispy, crumbly pastry, you can use the temperature gauge to select the right temperature for what you cook, from 175°F to 350°F (80° to 180°C.) The thermostat in the oven will automatically turn it on and off keeping it at the right temperature. With all outer and inner parts being made from 304 or 316 stainless steel it will stand the test of time, even in a marine environment.

    The food that you cook in the Road Chef is only limited by your imagination.  You can reheat frozen meals that you have pre-made like casseroles, stews and curries or choose store bought food like pies, pizzas or any of the massive range of frozen meals available at your supermarket. If you’ve got a little more time on your hands you can easily cook from scratch almost anything you can do in your oven at home; a roast, lasagne, pasta bake or muffins and cookies. Just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean you have to eat boring!

    With two removable racks the oven allows to you cook lots of ‘small’ food like spring rolls or mini pizzas or take the top tray out and give yourself room to put in a roast with vegetables. Both trays are telescopic and slot securely inside, so you can pull them out while cooking, giving you easier access to the food in the oven. You can also remove them both giving you easy access to clean the bottom of the oven. Big Bertha also includes a baking tray, allowing you to make roasts, brownies, and more.

    One of the keys to the Road Chef oven’s efficiency is the heavy-duty insulation used to keep the heat in. The door is also insulated providing maximum internal temperature for minimum Amp draw. There are three weep holes on the top of the door to allow moisture to escape, ensuring that your pastry is flaky, that your roasts are browned, and your mouth is watering as you drive along. The port latch securely holds the door closed even across the roughest roads! If you are setting up an interior build, there are two tie down brackets included. These can be used to secure your oven to the top or underside of a shelf allowing you maximum space saving capabilities.

    Notes on your oven’s operation: Big Bertha requires additional wiring and a direct connection to a battery or other power source. The oven is fused and terminates in a 50-amp Anderson plug. You will need to purchase and install an appropriate Anderson plug or use direct wiring. If in doubt, consult a professional installer for advice. You can find a list of shops that we recommend here.

    • Operates on 12 Volts DC, 20 Amps/240 Watts maximum draw
    • Selectable upper and lower elements, 10A/120W each
    • 120-minute timer knob
    • Temperature knob from 175-350°F (80-180°C)
    • Two removable wire cooking racks
    • One Deep baking tray included
    • Fully insulated Stainless Steel construction with vents on door
    • One pair of tie down brackets included
    • 1-year limited warranty

    Looking for something smaller? The standard-size Camp Easy Road Chef is also available.

  • Specs

    Shipping Weight 25 lbs
    Shipping Dimensions 25 × 17 × 15 in
    Power Consumption

    Max. 20A / 240W at 12V

    Dimensions (External)

    14.0" wide, 10.0" high, 12.0" deep

    Dimensions (Internal)

    12.2" wide, 5.9" high, 11.1" deep

    Connection Type

    50A Anderson Plug

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