Genesis LED Driving Light 8″ (Single)


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Pushing the limits of daylight and truly redefining LED Driving Light performance with an output of 1 LUX @ 1053m. Lightforce’s Australian designed and manufactured 140W Genesis LED is a low profile driving light that gives you immediate light when and where you need it. In a colour temperature of 5000 kelvin, glare and reflection are reduced which helps minimize eye strain and tiredness – giving you more time to reach your destination. Interchangeable filters allow an array of colour and beam pattern adjustments to suit any requirement or conditions.

Available on backorder

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    Redefining LED driving lights

    Genesis LED Driving Lights redefine LED performance with an output of 1 LUX at 1053m. Australian designed and made, they include CISPR25 compliant reduced radio frequency interference technology. Proven to operate in the most extreme conditions the Genesis LED will provide maximum light output even in very cold or very hot conditions. With an expected LED lifespan of over 50,000 hours this light will not let you down!

    Experience incredible light performance from 37 LEDs per light and a total of 13,000 raw lumens per pair of lights. Waterproof, scratch-proof and durable, Lightforce’s unique hardened lens material design helps to output maximum illumination whilst protecting the internals of the light. Additional filters are available, in an array of colours and beam patterns to help you fine tune your vision of the road ahead.

    An available installation harness transforms the Genesis LED in to a versatile fixture – patch in to your headlight harness and enable high-beam activation, dim daytime running light mode, and nighttime running light mode (off-road use only.)

    *Sold as a Single fixture*

    • 140W LED within a 210mm/8.25″ housing
    • 37 LumilLED LEDs provide generous distance
    • Three Stage Operation: switch from daytime running, to nighttime running to full intensity (optional wiring harness required)
    • CISPR25 compliant reducing radio frequency interference
    • Cast aluminum housing and bezel
    • Hard-wearing UV stable powder coated finish
    • High current waterproof connector
    • Reverse polarity voltage protection
    • IP69K rated to protect against moisture / contaminant ingress and high pressure spray
    • Genuine Gore® Waterproof Membrane with Mechanical Seal
    • Thermal overload protection
    • Impact resistant polycarbonate filter
    • 3 year warranty
    • 1 x Genesis LED driving light
    • 1 x Clear spot filter
    • 1 x Reversible mounting bracket (fitted to light)
    • 2 x M10 x 35mm stainless steel hex bolts with washers and nyloc nuts (side bolts fitted to light)
    • 1 x M10 x 35mm stainless steel hex bolt with washer and nyloc nut (fitted to bracket for mounting)
    • 1 x 4 pin high current waterproof harness adaptor
    • 2 x 1/4” x 1 1/4” long UNC stainless steel hex bolt for anti-twist mounting
    • 1 x User instructions
    Available Filters:

    1 LUX @ 1053m with Spot Filter




    About Lightforce:

    Whether camping in the wilderness, hunting a predator or off-roading through rough terrain, we are there to light the way. Based in Australia, Lightforce equipment is tested in one of the harshest environments in the world; a place filled with adventure and opportunity. Lightforce continues to build its global presence by serving those who value innovation, performance and design.

    With more than 35 years’ experience in the field of precision manufacturing, Lightforce has forged an international reputation as the world’s leading manufacturer of innovative 12-volt professional lighting equipment and tactical riflescope optics. Lightforce now exports to more than 50 countries, supplying products that are designed and manufactured to deliver performance in the most hostile conditions. From the frozen Arctic tundra to the scorching heat of the Australian Outback, Lightforce products are built to go the distance.

    Note: Specifications below are indicated for a PAIR of lights unless noted

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    Frequently Asked Questions About LIGHTFORCE Driving Lights
    Q: What do you mean by rating your light output by LUX?

    A: Wattage alone can be very misleading. Light output is obviously a combination of the bulb, the reflector and lens, it is far more than just wattage or over hyped candlepower. This is one reason why at Lightforce we choose to rate our light output at a 1 LUX reading for a given distance to demonstrate real maximum distance potential. LUX you ask? Well, 1 LUX is considered enough light to read a newspaper. We like LUX as it gives a real-world relatable performance benchmark.

    Q: Tell me about this modular filter system. They look like they are just a plastic cover? Surely they will just shatter or crack with a severe impact.

    A: As standard most current Lightforce driving lights are supplied with a clear spot clip-on filter. Most Lightforce driving lights are designed to be run at all times with a filter in place. The available filters allow you to change the beam pattern without purchasing another light – they are also replaceable in the rare event that a filter is worn out or is damaged. We use polycarbonate as used in fighter aircraft canopies, security screens, and other critical applications.

    Q: Every driving light I have ever seen gets water inside it. What about Lightforce?

    A: Every Lightforce light is fitted with a MIL-SPEC Gore-tex® breather (IP57/67/68/IP69K) to minimize ingress of either moisture or other potential contaminant. The majority of lights in the market place have no effective system to deal with water submersion, humidity or dust. This allows many Lightforce products to be rated up to IP69K, able to withstand direct water jets for sustained periods of time.

    Q: Are Lightforce lights suitable for ATVs, motorbikes, snowmobiles etc?

    A: Absolutely! The lightweight and durability factor makes them the logical choice! In extreme conditions we have no equal. Plus all the modular filter versatility to give you maximum visibility. LED lights also do not put extreme demands on your stator or alternator, allowing you to run more lighting on smaller vehicles.

    Q: Why is a Lightforce Halogen Bulb so bright compared to other brands?

    A: Our 12V halogen type bulbs incorporate Xenon gas enabling them to burn between 10-20% brighter and whiter than conventional halogen bulbs. At 12V they are rated at 2000 hours run time. Ask any other manufacturer what they rate at? Worldwide, professionals who drive at night in the trucking industry tell us the huge benefit they have made changing to Lightforce in running costs alone.

    Q: Can I install and wire the lights myself?

    A: We can supply an optional Lightforce wiring harness that will ensure maximum performance and long term reliability. Anyone with basic mechanical knowledge can carry out an installation although a professional often has the many extra tools and knowledge of individual vehicles to ensure the job is done right.

    Q: Are Lightforce lights legal on my vehicle?

    A: We advise you to check with your local authorities, particularly for on-road use. Black, opaque covers are available which may satisfy some jurisdictions for highway use.

    Q: What makes the LEDs that Lightforce uses superior to the competitors’ LEDs?

    All LED chips are not made equal: within any production run there will be a number of variants in performance and colour rendering. Each batch undergoes a process called binning that grades the chips from highest to lowest output. Lightforce uses the highest grade chipsets only, we also use a warmer colour temperature of 5000K for better clarity.

    Q: What is LUX and why do I sometimes see things measured at 1 LUX while other times at .25 of a LUX or similar?

    A: To measure true performance Lightforce use the industry standard measurement of 1 LUX

    1 LUX is the minimum amount of illumination that is usable, (enough light to read a newspaper)

    NOTE: A number of reputable companies are now using 0.25 LUX – this gives the customer the perception that the light travels a greater distance

    Q: Why do some manufacturers talk about ‘raw lumens’, whilst others use ‘effective lumens’ to promote their products?

    A: Raw Lumens is an ineffective and misleading way of measuring light as it is calculated in a laboratory environment to determine a single LED’s peak output for a very short duration. In real terms, its performance cannot be replicated in the field due to a number of factors largely the ability to manage the extreme heat that is generated by a large number of LED’s in addition to the current draw and optical loss which can decrease light output by as much as 75%.

    In addition, Raw Lumens can be calculated in a number of ways:

    the absolute peak performance of a LED chip irrespective of longevity and heat operating at 100%
    the manufacturers “recommended” peak power that allows for longevity and thermal management, this in general means, operating the chip at 70-80% its capacity, Lightforce quotes this figure – NOT the absolute peak performance!
    Driving an LED over its recommended power rating will greatly reduce the life span of the light and cause additional heat issues. That’s why some competitors in the LED field will only quote Raw Lumens and shy away from quoting effective Lumens; Lightforce quote both

    Q: So why don’t all manufacturers advertise effective lumens?

    A: The short answer: To give the perception that their products have a greater output, basically to deceive the consumer into thinking a larger number means greater light output. Calculating effective Lumens requires expensive and complex photometry equipment however is the ONLY way to provide true light output in Lumens and most importantly LUX.

    Raw Lumens is the measurement of the light source (single LED only) then times the number of LEDs.
    Effective Lumens is the measurement of the light output (combined LEDs and factors in associated losses)
    LUX is the measurement of the effective light that illuminates a surface at a given distance this is the most important of all.
    All Lightforce Photometric Data has been independently supplied, by a NATA accredited laboratory.


  • Specs

    Shipping Weight 6.5 lbs
    Shipping Dimensions 13 × 11 × 6 in
    1 LUX Distance (Spot)


    Raw Lumens


    Effective Lumens


    LED Power


    Colour Temperature


    Operating Temperature

    -40°C to 63°C

    Max Current Draw @ 13.2V


    Input Voltage


    Dimensions (Each)

    8.43 x 9.13 x 2.87 in

    Weight (Each)

    5.5 lbs

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